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City Of Atlanta Capital Improvement Plan

Atlanta, Ga
Planning of a 320-acre, $1.5 multi-phase, mixed-use development.

This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) with the City of Atlanta begins to translate the Atlanta City Design (ACD) into specific, prioritized, line‐item capital investments that lay the groundwork for the future Atlanta. This is a plan for aspirational investments that lay the groundwork for the Atlanta City Design. It is; high impact capital investments, structural investments for equitable growth, and investments in the components the city values most. Projects include a focus on mobility improvements, transit asset improvements, improvement of unprepared high growth areas, ecology projects including the revitalization of the Chattahoochee River Lands, and housing solutions for underutilized parcels of land. All of these projects are being presented in a way that sets a precedent for priorities moving forward, and BDR prepared the 35+ individual projects and overall program budgets, and will work closely with the City to ensure that each project is performed within schedule and budget.

Project Impact
SF of new & expanded Emergency Dpt.
Identified projects
Identified projects value

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