Case Study: Healthcare

Emory University Hospital, Cell Therapy Facility

Atlanta, Ga
10,600 cell therapy facility with a $5.5 Million budget

This state-of-the-art facility on the fourth floor of the newly built Emory University Hospital Tower was created in partnership with Woodruff Health Sciences Center to accommodate current and future state cellular therapy processing requirements. The “Good Manufacturing Protocol” (GMP) cellular therapy facility placed Emory at the leading edge of the development of cellular products for the treatment of human disease.

BDR lead the project team to utilize an integrated facility design method. A full-scale cardboard mockup was constructed to allow staff and clinicians to visually and physically evaluate the space to improve decision-making in the design process, minimize waste, and optimize performance.

Instrumental to this facility was the infrastructure and equipment that allowed for an agile clinical and research development space in support of exciting new WHSC initiatives, including the Winship Center for Cancer Immunology. Unique air handling units, biosafety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, and other high-end equipment was purchased for the facility to maintain high levels of air and infection control.

The Cellular Therapy Labs are a modern, modular-based, and adaptable facility which supports the research and clinical application of cellular therapies, one of the strategic priorities for both Winship and across WHSC. This facility will also support faculty across multiple programs, including adult and pediatric cancer, organ and cellular transplant, blood disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and others. The space included 4,000 SF for hemapheresis therapeutics, another 5,000 SF for cell therapy, and 1,600 SF for shared spaces.

Project Impact
4,000 SF
Added for hemapheresis therapeutics
5,000 SF
Added for cell therapy
1,600 SF
Added for shared spaces

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