Case Study: Healthcare

Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital, Tower Expansion

Athens, Ga
Construction and expansion of a 234,000 SF hospital tower with a $156 Million budget ($171 CON)

BDR was engaged to help Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center (PARMC) validate and revise their Master Facility Plan. Upon review of the Plan, BDR identified project eliminations and other opportunities to create more than $20 million in cost savings.

The BDR team is currently managing the $156 million implementation of the Hospital Master Plan in two phases. Phase 1 comprises of the 100,100 square foot renovation of Prince Tower One and a 28,300 square foot addition to Prince Tower Two to create a Fourth Floor patient unit. Phase II features the demolition and replacement of the hospital’s 100-year-old Tower with a 200,000 square foot, seven-story patient tower with:

• Two floors (3 & 4) of ICU patient rooms with a total of 64 beds
• Two shelled floors (5 & 6) for future expansion of 64 additional floors (32 per floor)
• A retail pharmacy
• Café
• Gift shop
• Wellness porch and green courtyard
• Resource center for patients and visitors

The reconstructed spaces in phase 1 enable the hospital to remain operational with 44 department relocations during the demolition of 92,000 SF of the hospital’s oldest portion, which will eventually become the site for the new bed tower. The project will add 228,000 SF to the hospital and is estimated to complete in June 2022.

Project Impact
Square foot renovation
Square foot addition
Estimated completion

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