Case Study: Healthcare

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

Atlanta, Ga
25+ expansion and renovation projects for the hospital campus totaling over $34 Million

• ICU Red Renovation:
8,695 SF, Budget – $8.9 Million: The project consisted of demolition of existing multi-bed rooms. The renovation of the ICU rooms. The work also included renovations to the supporting clinical and staff area.

• Interior Refresh Project:
A 9,500 SF, $3 million renovation of existing public spaces to gain operational efficiencies and update existing finishes. The spaces being renovated included in the renovations include Admissions, ICU Waiting, and Surgical Waiting Rooms.

• EP Lab Single Plane:
A 500 SF, Budget, $2 Million project, consisting of the removal of the existing imaging equipment and installation of the new upgraded Phillips equipment. Additional electrical services are to be installed to support the new equipment.

• Radiology Equipment Replacement:
A 1200 SF, $3 Million installation of new imaging equipment. The new equipment includes a Chest X-ray, R/F Imaging, and SPECT CT. The project will require extensive coordination of the electrical system upgrades necessary to support the new equipment.

• Critical Care Inpatient Bed Planning:
Strategic Planning effort to identify locations and provide plans for immediate CCU and Acute Care
beds in the short term. This consisted of due diligence investigations to confirm existing and potential bed locations, develop a stacking diagram, and discovery program, schematic floor plan and estimated cost analysis for bed renovations and relocations. In addition to a comprehensive assessment of present options and facility considerations reflecting anticipated programmatic needs, costs, and implementation durations.

• AV Integration Project:
Project Management for the installation of new equipment booms, surgical lights, monitors and AV integration to equip the room with current technology, and allow the physicians and staff to provide the best patient care possible through consistent room layouts and equipment. The rooms integrate the upgrades that all OR’s throughout Piedmont Atlanta ultimately received. All 21 OR’s received the AV upgrades. The project also included upgrades and renovations to the flooring, walls, paint, ceiling finishes, equipment, cabinets, and millwork.

Project Impact
Expansion & renovation projects
$3 M
Radiology Equipment Replacement
8,695 SF
ICU Red Renovation

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