Case Study: Higher Education

Spelman Center for Innovation and the Arts

Atlanta, Ga
Construction of a 82,000 Square Foot Center for Innovation and the Arts with a $64 Million dollar budget

The Center for Innovation and the Arts is designed to include integrating and globalizing
learning, teaching creatively and rigorously, leading from our authentic core, living
sustainably, improving ourselves continuously, and collaborating to better our quality of
life. These ambitious GOALS and others build on our accomplishments as the premier
historically Black college for women. Spelman’s demonstrated strength in STEM, coupled
with its extraordinary assets in the arts – visual arts, art history, curatorial studies,
photography, documentary filmmaking, dance, theater, music, an innovation lab and the
Spelman College Museum of Fine Art – positions the College for STEAM, an initiative that
encourages innovation, risk-taking, invention and collaborative interdisciplinary work.

Project Impact
Total square footage
Total Budget

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