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a plan.


Ahead of every successful facility construction is a big-picture plan that focuses on your organization’s long-term goals and strategy. BDR’s planning staff includes architects, engineers, construction and program management leaders. Our team of industry veterans knows what it takes to oversee a project from blueprint to completion and works tirelessly to keep your ROI in mind. 

Real Estate Planning

BDR’s real estate planning services provide insight into your current real estate portfolio so you can plan for future growth. This involves code and zoning research to uncover any entitlements affecting your property. BDR also helps quantify and visualize your campus’ real estate. When it comes to expansion, BDR helps you identify locations for campus growth, or relocation, and assists you in selecting suitable building sites. 

Capital/Financial Planning

BDR’s capital planning services help you prepare for upcoming projects by scoping and pricing facility initiatives. This can support an organization’s annual budgeting or specific capital campaign for a project or initiative. BDR can validate existing estimates or create a plan from the ground-up based on your goals and desired outcomes. 

Strategic Facility Planning

BDR’s strategic facility planning services create an over-arching vision for your facility. This includes short- and long-term plans for campus development and growth, or even several projects over a multi-year period. Depending on your needs, these plans can be specific or high-level to give guidance on buildings to be demolished or renovated and recommended locations for future buildings, parking or other features.  

Transition Planning

BDR’s project planning services establish guardrails for a specific project through a detailed scope, schedule and budgetary plan. Project planning lays the groundwork for a successful project; the end goal being a well-defined, “shovel-ready” project ready for implementation. During the project planning process, specific challenges are identified and addressed to avoid them becoming costly surprises. Project planning can also determine project feasibility and helps inform fundraising, regulatory or budget approval processes.

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